preposition /ɪnˈsaɪd / (say in'suyd)

1. on the inner side of; within: inside the circle.
2. before the elapse of: inside an hour.
adverb /ɪnˈsaɪd / (say in'suyd)
a. in or into the inner part: to go inside.
b. Colloquial in or towards a more densely settled part of the country: inside, somewhere east of Cobar.
4. indoors: he is working inside.
5. by nature; fundamentally: inside, he's very kind.
6. Colloquial to or in prison.
noun /ˈɪnsaɪd / (say 'insuyd)
7. the inner part; interior: the inside of the house.
8. the inner side or surface: the inside of the hand.
9. (often plural) Colloquial the inward parts of the body, especially the stomach and intestines.
10. the inward nature.
11. an inside passenger or place in a coach, etc.
12. (plural) internal thoughts or feelings, etc.
13. the part of a curved track or course nearer to the centre of the curves; the inside lane: a horse coming up fast on the inside; the inside of the bend.
14. an inner group of persons having private knowledge about a circumstance or case.
15. Also, inside forward. Soccer, etc. an inside left or inside right.
16. Surfing the inner part of a breaking wave closest to the white water.
adjective /ˈɪnsaɪd / (say 'insuyd)
a. situated or being on or in the inside; interior: an inside loo.
b. Obsolete relating to a more densely settled part of the country: he only shears in inside areas.
18. acting, employed, done, or originating within a building or place: the robbery was an inside job.
19. derived from the inner circle of those concerned in and having private knowledge of a case: inside information.
20. running nearer to the centre and therefore shorter: the inside lane of a track.
21. (of a pet cat or dog) kept indoors with only occasional excursions outside.
22. inside out,
a. with the inner side reversed to face outwards.
b. thoroughly; completely: he knows his job inside out.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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